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This kid called 911 over the PSN outage

Sony's recent PSN service issues were enough to warrant a 911 phone call by a Florida-based teenager, according to a partial transcript of the call tweeted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office.

WPTV reports the teen called 911 over the holidays in the wake of problems with the PlayStation Network, asking the operator: "Do you know about the whole thing that's going on with the PlayStation Network?"

The caller was told to call Sony instead, before a transcript of the exchange was made available on the official Twitter account for the County Sheriff Office with the caption: "No we don't know when they will restore service to Xbox or PlayStation. Please Dial 9-1-1 only for emergencies."

PlayStation owners are experiencing "intermittent connectivity" to PlayStation Network, Sony confirmed on the PlayStation Knowledge Center.

These issues follow extended periods of downtime for PSN on and after Christmas Day last week. Both PSN and Microsoft's Xbox Live went down on Dec. 25, after reportedly suffering DDoS attacks. It took multiple days for PSN to fully recover, with network issues persisting throughout the past weekend.

Sony has since tweeted a link to a PlayStation Knowledge Center page from the Ask PlayStation Twitter account. The page recommends that people try tweaking the MTU settings in their console's network configuration if they're having trouble accessing PSN.

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