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PewDiePie South Park episode makes me sad for tomorrow's gamers

Gaming isn't as straight forward as it used to be. Back in the day, people used to hold these things called controllers, or sit in front of these things called keyboards. They'd use these things to play video games on a television or on a computer.

But kids these days would rather spend their weekends and summer days watching people play and talk about video games. Or, if you live in South Park, watching and talking about people talking about video games.

In #Rehash, South Park does its best to encapsulate the confusion most of us feel about the popularity and demand for YouTubers like PewDiePie.

If you've ever had a friend into watching YouTubers, you know what it feels like to open your mouth and suddenly feel like you're someone's out-of-touch grandpa talking about kids these days.

If like me, you still struggle to completely understand this phenomenoncheck out our feature on PewDiePie. Maybe it will help ... maybe.

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