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Bungie explains how Destiny's expansion won't make your current weapons obsolete

News of Destiny's next major update — The Dark Below — sparked a bit of excitement and a lot of confusion, some of it angry confusion. So Bungie took to its website to try and clear things up about the three-month anniversary release of The Dark Below.

Most importantly, Bungie promises the expansion won't make your beloved weapons obsolete.

At a very high level, The Dark Below will tweak upgrade paths, bring new economies, escalate Light levels and deliver a continuation of the Crucible's evolution.

Before diving into the nitty gritty, community manager DeeJ popped off a few answers for commonly misunderstood facts:

"I can only upgrade one existing Exotic a week?"

No, Xûr will have many of them in stock.

"Is Xûr the only way to obtain new Exotics?"

No. They'll drop as part of new loot tables.

"So I have to buy new content to keep up?"

No. All players will have options to progress.

"Is the upgrade automatic?"

No. You'll choose where you invest the effort.

"Does this make all my gear worthless?"

No! I'll be holding onto my Dead Orbit Heavy.


The changes to the game's economy, DeeJ writes, won't make your current weapons less effective, but it will mean that a slew of more powerful weapons are inbound.

Specifically, The Dark Below will contain exclusive options to level up and more powerful exotics, legendaries and raid gear will drop (or in some cases be sold by vendors or Xur). And exotic upgrade paths will require much less time and material. Perhaps most importantly, an upgraded exotic is more powerful right out of the box.

The idea for these changes was driven by the desire to create more avenues for players to become more powerful, DeeJ writes.

"The last thing we wanted was for you to look at your favorite gun or helmet and decide that it had become obsolete," DeeJ writes. "Since the reveal, we've read a lot of ideas for how this could have been done better. Your feedback is clear: The time you have invested in your stuff should be respected."

The existing plan is to make sure those players who don't invest in The Dark Below expansion aren't left behind, DeeJ writes, and the conversation continues internally.


Along with new stuff being introduced with the next update, there are also plenty of tweaks and fixes. Here's a breakdown of the known issues Bungie is working on for the update:

Pocket Infinity

  • Charges too quickly after the first shot
  • Fix in progress, to be released in a future update

Daily Event Reward Packages

  • No longer delivered by the Postmaster after a Public Event
  • Will be fixed automatically in The Dark Below update
  • All players will receive the fix when Expansion I goes live


As well as walking players through the changes coming to Destiny with The Dark Below, DeeJ handed the post over to design lead Lars Bakken to talk about what to expect with the Crucible as the year wraps up.

Public playlists will include limited-time Salvage and Combined Arms playlists. And Bastion and First Light have moved out of Control and Clash to Combined Arms.

Premium Playlists will require The Dark Below to enter once it hits on Dec. 9. New playlists will let you play new content right away. Each week, there will be two new Premium Playlists starting off with Clash and Rumble with new maps. The playlists will also include new experimental modes.

Lord Saladin will return to the Tower on Dec. 16, resetting event standings in Iron Banner. Level 31 inventory will be earned by winners of the Iron Banner and The Dark Below will not be required to compete.

Crota's End-Game

To participate in the new raid coming to the game you're going to need The Dark Below, a fireteam set up and a level 30 guardian to lead the team.

The raid begins on Dec. 9 at 1 a.m. PT. You will not need to complete The Dark Below's other content to start the raid.


Finally, DeeJ walks us through the current bugs being squished in the game.

The team, DeeJ writes, is working to fix the wasp errors that lead to connectivity problems. They're also looking into reports of issues surrounding the ability to gain weekly rewards. Finally, the team recently added a fix that decreased the bee, fly and lion errors by 70 percent and has another update in the works to wrap up those issues.

Interestingly, the game and some of the team will be in Vegas this week for a "coming-out party planned for Crota, and some special guests are invited."

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