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Enjoy your own space adventure with VR Star Wars and Star Trek

With the Oculus Rift, you can already visit incredible, exotic locales: The Legend of Zelda for NES! Jerry Seinfeld's apartmentTuscany! If you're in the mood for something a little more space-faring — and with NASA poking around up there, it's as good a time as ever — may we recommend taking a ride in Star Wars' Millennium Falcon?

We've pooled together just a few of our favorite space adventures. First up is this mod from James Clement that lets you roam around the Falcon to your heart's content. Check out the video above for a look, or download the Millennium Falcon Experience to test it out. Your best buddy R2-D2 is already there.

If a dogfight is more up your alley, YouTube user Mont0r can take you to the Battle of Endor:

While this video isn't exactly about flying around space, we couldn't leave you hanging when it comes to lightsaber demos.

Star Trek fans, don't fret. There's something for you too. Star Trek: Voyager's ship is open to explore in The Bridge demo, demonstrated by YouTube user p00ky76 in this video:

Not to be left out, Star Trek: The Next Generation is also present with Enda O'Connor's virtual reality bridge.

Finally, for Firefly fans, you can take a trip around the Serenity.

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