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Two idiots play with Hearthstone's new Goblins vs. Gnomes cards

The Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion for Hearthstone won't be out properly until next week, but Blizzard has surprised everyone by making the expansion's cards available Arena mode.

Never ones to back down from a challenge, Griffin and I recorded ourselves jumping into Hearthstone's arena, building a deck and grabbing every shiny, new Goblins vs. Gnomes card that we saw.

We'll be back with more Goblins vs. Gnomes videos next week when the expansion launches in full, so stay tuned (and give us some tips in the comments)!

For more on Goblins vs. Gnomes, you can check out our guide to some of its new cards. Or if you're new to Hearthstone in general, maybe take a look at our review.