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Tacoma is the next game from Gone Home developer Fullbright

Developer Fullbright, creator of the narrative journey Gone Home, announced their next game Tacoma live tonight at The Game Awards.

Tacomatakes place 200,000 miles from earth on the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma. The trailer showed a gilded, glowing facility reminiscent of Bioshock's underwater city, Rapture. Fullbright is withholding the nature of the mystery to be found at Station Tacoma, as well as the identity and motives of the explorers slinking through it.

"All will be revealed," Fullbright wrote in a blog post, "When Tacoma is released in 2016."

The title is scheduled for Linux, Mac and PC.

Fullbright's previous game Gone Home was named Polygon's game of the year for 2013, standing apart from its peers as an example of how storytelling and gameplay can come together to create an immersive and empathic experience. Fullbright, formerly known as The Fullbright Company, showed very little of their new game during the awards show. The bulk of the trailer featured dialogue between a man and a woman through a scratchy radio system.

Tacoma screenshot 500

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