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Bloodborne's procedurally generated multiplayer 'Chalice Dungeon' debuts at the PlayStation Experience

Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeon, a "multilayered underground room," appeared for then first time at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas today.

The procedurally generated area shifts depending on the player. It includes three layers with a focus on variety, tricks and traps, according to the developers at From Software who demoed the dungeon. In the demo, a player ran through the level, assisted by others, unlocking access to new others and a boss fight with an ancient guard dog wreathed in flame.

The idea, the developer said, is to keep it an "ever changing" dungeon and give players the opportunity to share the dungeons with their friends — though how that will happen wasn't explained.

For more on the game, you can watch a trailer that debuted at The Game Awards last night.

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