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Sony studio lets slip news they're making another God of War

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The director of God of War II yesterday told a PlayStation Experience panel that Santa Monica Studio is making another God of War game, though the studio appears to have backed away from that statement, at least on Twitter, in the time since.

Here's what happened: Cory Barlog, in the God of War Retrospective panel, said "Yes, we are making another God of War." That's according to a tweet sent out by Santa Monica Studio, (per Game Informer) since taken down. IGN, present for the panel, reported the same statement and added that Barlog didn't give any other details except to say it isn't a prequel.

Sony Santa Monica did leave up this tweet, however.

If another God of War game is in development, the news is not so shocking, God of War remains one of Sony's most recognizable and marketable franchises — Kratos is even guest-starring in Shovel Knight when that gets a release on PlayStation next year. The last God of War game was Ascension, released in March 2013. Polygon scored it 7.0.

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