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PS4 Anniversary Edition pre-order sells for more than $15,000, listings flood eBay

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Someone paid $15,100 over the weekend on eBay for the promise of a PlayStation 4 Anniversary Edition.

Three hundred and fifty other listings for the special edition console are listed on eBay as of this morning at auction prices currently ranging from 99 cents to $19,990.00. There was also a completed sale for $20,100 on eBay, though that purchase hasn't been verified as finalized yet.

Technologysupp, the seller of the $15,100 console, told Gamer Headlines that the money had already been deposited in their account for the auction.

"Though the item did sell," technologysupp told Gamer Headlines. "I had to inform my customer that we were actually going to get the console in late December, contrary to the dates posted in my listing [December 9th to December 13th]."

The special edition of the PlayStation 4, which was announced last week, was designed to look like the original, grey PlayStation and comes with a matching controller. Only 12,300 of the special edition consoles are being produced globally.

In Spain, 350 of the consoles are being auctioned off with all proceeds going to non-profits UNICEF and Juegaterapia. In the United States, the consoles were put up for sale Saturday for $499.99 at the Sonly online store with an estimated ship date of Dec. 21. The Sony store struggled to keep up the traffic that hit the site when the systems were made available.