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Samsung's Gear VR available now for $200

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Gear VR, the portable virtual reality headset created in collaboration with Samsung and Oculus VR, is now available to order direct from Samsung. The headset sells for $199.99, it begins shipping today, and only works in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone.

We went hands-on with the device at a recent event and loved what we saw; the virtual reality experience delivered by the Gear VR is much better than it has any right to be, especially in a self-contained unit powered by a smartphone.

That being said, buying the phone and headset to create this Voltron of consumer electronics is an expensive proposition, and this is the first unit of its kind to be released to consumers. We'll have thoughts from both Oculus and Samsung discussing its potential later in the day, and a full review of the device later in the week.

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