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Destiny PS4 players reportedly locked out due to pending DLC

Some Destiny players are finding themselves locked out of their game after purchasing downloadable content The Dark Below — which is set to go live tomorrow, Dec. 9 — according to complaints on Reddit.

According to several players, the entire game is blocked off post-purchase on PlayStation 4 by a countdown timer ticking off to the DLC's release. User RamiBlack uploaded the following image of the timer.

destiny timer

Other users suggest that the problem may only be present for those with digital copies of the game. Some users have been able to correct this problem by uninstalling Destiny, downloading and reinstalling the game.

We've reached out to Bungie and Sony will update accordingly.

PlayStation 3 and PS4 Destiny players are expected to receive exclusive, extra content with The Dark Below, including an extra strike mission. For a look at The Dark Below — the first of two announced expansions — check out its official preview and opening cinematic. Read our review here.