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MLB 15 The Show is getting a radio show

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Evidently, MLB 15 The Show will be getting an in-game radio show.

That's according to the early listing of the game on GameStop (as spied by Operation Sports.) We already knew the game would be getting licensed real-world equipment and "Legend" players thanks to the trailer released this weekend at PlayStation Experience. The listing clears up what that means and more.

Legends will be 30 "iconic MLB alumni" — one for each franchise — spanning the past 70 years of baseball history. The players will be randomly inserted into packs of virtual cards, but once collected, they're free for use throughout the game.

The radio show was referred to only in passing, along with "improved load times," which should be a welcome change for longtime fans of the series. The entire listing may be read here.

Longtime sports video game fans may remember Madden NFL once had an in-game radio show with host Tony Bruno. Diehards clamored for its return, but putting together a show is a lot of work. MLB The Show needs something, however; Polygon scored MLB 14 The Show an 8.5 but called out its anemic broadcast dialogue as a serious weakness.

Tellingly, the PlayStation 3 version is $39.99 and the PS Vita edition is $19.99. All three carry the same product listing, but the PS Vita version of MLB The Show has, understandably, never been feature complete with the main edition. This may also suggest that the PS3 edition won't get some of the features listed.

All versions of MLB 15 The Show launch on March 31. Dodgers outfield Yasiel Puig will star on the cover.