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Fat Princess Adventures will make you re-think royalty on PS4

A new game in the Fat Princess action-strategy series is in development for PlayStation 4, developer Fun Bits Interactive confirmed on the official PlayStation Blog alongside an announcement during the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas this weekend.

Fat Princess Adventures is a four-person co-op game featuring both local and online multiplayer. The newly announced release follows the warring kingdoms of the original game, who have since signed a truce and joined forces to battle a bigger enemy.

Fans of the original PlayStation 3 release can also expect dozens of new enemy types and classic character classes that can be upgraded with items and spells. Like in the 2009 release, this game allows you to switch between character classes. Unlike the original, this time the princesses can fight alongside you. According to a post on the PlayStation blog, princesses will be able to fight using rainbow magic to tip the tide of battle in your favor. Players will still need to rescue them "from time to time," however.

Fat Princess Adventures is being made in collaboration with the original Fat Princess production team at Sony Santa Monica. You can check out a teaser from Sony's big event this weekend below.

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