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You need to pay to play this week's heroic strikes in Destiny (update)

This week's high-level content for Destiny players, heroic strikes, requires the game's paid expansion pack to play.

That content rotates weekly and Bungie head of community Eric Osborne told Polygon that owning an expansion will be required on occasion to access things like heroic strikes.

"All existing strikes and maps are still accessible," he said. "Specific activities like nightfall will periodically feature expansion 1 content on the week the newest content is live.

"New public events, updated weapons and gear, new bounties, and of course the steady stream of updates are all available without additional cost to all players."

The Dark Below, the game's first expansion, hit today with a $20 price tag. It brought with it, among a number of other add-ons, a new strike called The Will of Crota for all platforms. In addition, PlayStation owners received another strike, The Undying Mind.

Every week, Bungie selects a new strike as the game's heroic and nightfall strikes, dishing out the sort of payout that high-level characters absolutely need to advance in the game. This week's rotation is The Will of Crota, which requires the DLC.

dark below

That means those high-level players are locked out of both the heroic and nightfall strikes this week, and the ability to try and level up their characters efficiently.

If you're still not a high enough level to see this issue in action, you might want to check out our guide to leveling up.

Update: This article has been updated with Bungie's response to our questions.

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