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Hazelight's ambitious new project may not be a best-seller, but creator says it will be 'great'

Hazelight, a studio comprised of core developers on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is working on an ambitious new game that might not be all that commercially successful, creator Josef Fares recently told GamesIndustry.

"The thing I'm not sure about is if it's going to sell a lot," Fares said of the project. "I know it's going to be a great game. Brothers sold like 750,000 units and is actually still selling, but you never know about that. For me personally, I would take that risk to publish a game myself, but not for the team."

Fares announced Hazelight during The Game Awards last weekend. Electronic Arts will publish the game. A brief teaser shown at the show followed two men riding in the cargo hold of a train at night.

Few other details are currently known about the game, though Fares says the team is "around 15 guys." At most, he expects developer to expand to 25. The team is said to be about a month into the game's production, which is expected to take two years.

"From the people in my team here, they said Brothers was the game where they threw away the least stuff," Fares said. "We threw away very little because we had a very clear idea of what the goal was with Brothers, and it's the same with the new game. We know where we're going, where we're heading."

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