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PSA: Only you can prevent console neglect

America is getting older, and that aging population creates issues that our social services simply won't be able to cope with. Take for instance old game consoles.

Every year elder machines — some of them members of the Greatest Console Generation — are neglected, pushed towards homelessness or simply thrown away. Won't you please help?

Game Over Videogames is an independent chain of used game stores with locations in Texas and Seattle, Washington. But, unlike their larger competitor GameStop, they like to give things a bit more of a personal touch. The result is this over the top, hilarious public service announcement. They're doubling down this holiday season by trying to save our old consoles from the scrapheap. Nintendo, Sega or Atari — Game Over Videogames does not discriminate. So please, call your parents. Clean your basements. Give that old console a new home, and help save it from neglect. And help Game Over Videogames move a few more units in January. It's a really slow month for retail.

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