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Destiny's new raid, Crota's End, has already been beaten

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A team of Destiny players has already completed Crota's End, the new raid released today in the game's first expansion, developer Bungie confirmed on Twitter.

Destiny Crota's End completed 600

The Destiny clan known as Invigorate Gaming secured the honor of the first completion. Shortly after 10 a.m. ET — just over six hours after The Dark Below went live — a member of Invigorate Gaming tweeted a photo of the in-game emblem players receive upon finishing Crota's End, proving that the group had done it. Raids in Destiny are limited to a total of six players, but the completion screen showed seven, so it appears that one member of the squad had to be relieved shortly before Crota was defeated.

The seven-person team racked up a total of 6,116 kills and approximately 581 deaths during the raid for a kill/death ratio of 10.53, according to a screenshot tweeted by Bungie of the statistics screen at the end of the mission. The original group contained a level 30 Warlock, a level 29 Titan, a level 30 Titan, a level 29 Titan, a level 29 Hunter and a level 29 Warlock, with a level 30 Hunter coming in as the substitute.

It took Destiny players about 14 hours to finish the Vault of Glass, the raid included in the main Destiny game. Invigorate Gaming says in its Twitter bio that it was the first clan to finish the Vault of Glass on hard difficulty. Bungie will unlock hard mode on Crota's End in January.

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