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Sunset Overdrive's first story-based DLC, Mooil Rig, hits Dec. 23

Sunset Overdrive's first story-based downloadable content is call Mooil Rig and will arrive for the Xbox One on Dec. 23, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced today during a stint as guest host on developer Insomniac Games' Sunset TV YouTube show.

The $9.99 DLC, which is included with the game's $19.99 season pass, will take place on an oil rig surrounded by water. Players will arrive amid a turf war between rig workers and aquatic mutants.

Mooil Rig will include its own missions, quests, amps, weapons and a couple new ways to traverse the environment, inspired by its location off the coast of Sunset City. Press play above to see the DLC in motion.

For more on Sunset Overdrive, be sure to read Polygon's review, which called the game "an impressive evolution of things Insomniac has been doing for a long time." You can also watch the Overview video below to see us playing in its monster-filled sandbox.

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