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Sony has a secret cache of 20th Anniversary PS4s in London, selling them on the cheap

The team at PlayStation UK has hidden a pop-up retail store in London. On Dec. 10 they'll have 94 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 consoles on sale for £19.94. Additional, limited edition gray consoles will go on sale at the full retail price, 50 per day, on Dec. 11 and 12 while another batch will be made available online.

The collectible console is sold out in the US and has been fetching huge prices on eBay. While there's evidence that the market is a bit flooded at the moment, the console promises to be a hot commodity for some time to come.

The team at PlayStation Access laid out the promotion in detail with a video released today. Fans will first need to find the location of the pop-up store. They'll also need to bring along a piece of PlayStation memorabilia, and give a secret pass phase — "I crashed my bandicoot."

While it remains to be seen how committed the team at PlayStation Access are to their 1990s-era comedy bit, there's no doubting their good intentions. All proceeds from the pop-up store will benefit Games Aid, a UK based video games charity.

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