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Pinball Arcade extends WMS license, Black Knight 2000 inbound

The Pinball Arcade developer FarSight Studios announced on Facebook that it extended its WMS license. The extension means that a "bunch more" Bally and Williams tables are headed to the pinball simulation platform.

First up will be The Black Knight 2000, a table released in 1989 as a sequel to Steve Ritchie's 1980 The Black Knight.

"The game is all about speed and quick reactions," the post reads, "highlighted by features such as an upper and lower level, repeating U-Turn and Skyway Loop shots rewarding accurate shooters and a Drawbridge that lowers to reveal a ramp. The patented Magna-Save feature from the original game is back. This allows players to activate a ball saving magnet preventing balls from draining. Great scores are achieved by collecting Lightning Wheel Awards, scoring Hurry-Up bonuses and playing the three awesome multi-ball rounds, including The King's Ransom Wizard mode."

Earlier this year, the developer detailed its 2014 plans, which include 10 tables and and a Season Three Table Pack. The Pinball Arcade is available on Windows PC, Android and iOS with Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox Live Arcade and Wii U versions planned.

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