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Elder Scrolls Online receives unofficial Oculus Rift support

Developer Chris Gallizzi successfully implemented Oculus Rift support with Elder Scrolls Online, which is currently in closed beta, highlighted by test gameplay footage posted on YouTube.

The five-minute video illustrates the massively multiplayer online role-playing game's character creation system, navigating the environment and occasionally engaging an enemy in combat.

The Oculus Rift support was achieved using Gallizzi's own version Vireio Perception Driver that he developed from the ground up and used on his Oculus N64 beta and Skyrim Oculus mod. He told Polygon that it is not a full mod as the Oculus "is tied to the mouse" and not to the users movements.

Support was easy to implement because of his experience writing drivers and outputs for the Oculus, his only annoyance was lowering the settings to achieve an optimal frame rate as "60fps is required for VR to work, so keeping all settings low were required."

Gallizzi approached Bethesda requesting early access to add Oculus support back in August. As the company didn't get back to him he signed up for the beta via the official registration page and added support once he was accepted into the beta program. Acknowledging that he broke the beta's TOCs for posting beta footage online and risks losing access, he hopes to pursue Oculus support for the title once the game is fully released, if Bethesda allows it.

For more about Elder Scrolls Online, be sure watch our hands-on impressions with game's beta.

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