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Mighty No. 9 reveals its ultimate boss, Mighty No. 7

Designers behind Mighty No. 9 revealed the design and details for one of the game's more formidable bosses yesterday, Mighty No. 7, in the latest Kickstarter update.

Lead character designer Kimo Kimo built Mighty No. 7 off earlier ideas predating the boss's backstory and character details. After the design for titular Mighty No. 9 — Beck — was approved, Kimo's excitement drove him to design a "brother" robot for the character. When director Keiji Infaune decided that one of the Mighty No. robots would serve an elevated purpose and have a deeper backstory, he chose Mighty No. 7 and requested a "sword-wielding robot that fans would really respond to."

The character originally had dual blades he could flip behind his arms and a cutting blade stemming from his neck, the latter of which had been designed to look like a scarf or sash. He was later edited with Infaune's direction and given more swords. Eventually these were paired down to scissor-like weapons and the blade on his neck was turned into a scarf.

According to director Koji Imaeda, Comcept "made every effort" to keep Mighty No. 7's design a secret, going so far as to share fake designs for the boss earlier in the Kickstarter campaign and during Inafune's DICE talk last week.

"To be honest we were a bit apprehensive at first at the idea of a single boss with such a strong fruit motif, but when we saw how much attention and love the early leak got from our community, the entire team got behind the idea," Imaeda wrote. "Inafune especially loved his crimson coloring and felt a special bond with him right from the start."

Last week Polygon spoke with Keiji Infaune, who said a Mighty No. 9 movie is in the works and he hoped an anime and manga would follow.

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