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Fable Anniversary - Overview video

Fable is nearly a decade old, and in that time, few have managed to duplicate its bizarre mechanics.

Yes, copious amounts of third-person action-RPGs have been released since the Fable franchise's arrival — but did they feature a combo-based EXP system? A global economy that developed in real time, shaped by the player's purchases? Methods for getting hyper-overpowered in the early hours of the game? Mechanics which allow you to fart so hard that someone marries you?

In today's Overview, Polygon's Arthur Gies and I walk you through Fable Anniversary, a recently released remake of the trilogy's first installment. If you played the original, there's not much in this video in the way of surprises — it's simply a casual stroll down memory lane. Also, that lane is swarming with werewolves and murder-bandits and giant wasps and inquisitive, sentient doors.

Ed. Note: We made this video last week, which is actually when Fable Anniversary came out. Ignore the lies that our past-selves espouse in the video above.

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