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Guild Wars 2's next story arc begins Feb. 18 with a great escape (correction)

Guild Wars 2's living world storyline continues on Feb. 18 with "Escape from Lion's Arch," an event that will see the massive multiplayer online title's most prosperous city laid low.

The city of Lion's Arch has been the focus of much in-game content, as well as the central hub in the world of Tyria's holiday festivities and major storyline events. Its walls shelter many of the title's vendors and traders in Guild Wars 2 and has been a major location since the first Guild Wars game.

In "Escape from Lion's Arch," players will see the city, normally resilient to battle, brought to the edge of destruction by Scarlet Briar — the current main antagonist of the Guild Wars 2 storyline — and the sky pirates and reptile-like creatures that now serve as minions.

Continuing season one's story arc, the events of "Escape from Lion's Arch" will see players and NPC heroes rally to fend off Scarlet Briar's attacks, setting the stage for a cataclysmic battle against the game's most powerful rulers.

Correction: "Escape from Lion's Arch" is a continuation of season one. The article has been updated accordingly.

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