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Spelunky 1.4 update adds 'Pro' HUD and save backup, fixes bugs

Spelunky developer Mossmouth updated the Windows PC version of the celebrated permadeath platformer to version 1.4 today, adding player-requested features like a redesigned HUD and backup saves, the studio announced today.

The new "Pro" HUD can be enabled with a setting in the game's graphics menu. It's a "less obtrusive" option, according to Mossmouth, and it also includes a level timer. Those features will be a boon to individuals like the skilled players who run Spelunky livestreams and attempt to speed-run the game or pull off feats like solo Eggplant runs.

Also included in the 1.4 update are a system to create backup save games and a whole host of bug fixes for issues like crashes and glitches. According to Mossmouth, the patch will soon be available for the version of Spelunky. You can read the full patch notes in the Mossmouth Forums.

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