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These headsets won't work with Xbox One's adapter

The Xbox One's newly announced headset adapter will not work with the Tritton Warhead, Tritton Primer, Xbox 360 Wireless and Xbox 360 Wireless Bluetooth headsets, according to the Xbox support page.

Users with headsets that include a 2.5-mm connector, like the one in the illustration below, will also be unable to use the adapter "due to the format of the connector."


For the headset to work properly, users must also have a TV with an RCA audio output or a 3.5-mm headphone jack output that includes a 3.5-mm mini-to-RCA adapter cable, which is sold separately.

Connecting the headset will require users to plug in the proper cables and press the chat audio button. More information on the headset and its adapter, as well as general troubleshooting, are available on the support page.

Major Nelson's blog adds that Legacy gaming headsets can get chat audio by connecting the 2.5-mm chat cable to the adapter, while game audio is brought in from the console's S/PDIF port. The Xbox One's official headsets will receive stereo and chat audio from the adapter directly and do not require console plug-in. And, finally, "any 3.5-mm stereo headset" will be able to pick up game audio if it's plugged into the adapter.

Microsoft announced its Xbox One headset, which will be available for $79.99, earlier today. Included with the headset is a detachable adapter, which allows users to control audio levels, volume, microphone settings and more.The adapter will be available separately for Xbox One owners that already own stereo gaming headphones. It's priced at $24.99.

Xbox Live's Larry Hryb posted a Vine of the headset and adapter, which you can view below.

Last year, Microsoft announced that it would release a headset adapter for the Xbox One. In the meantime, several modders have created their own solutions for universal adapters.

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