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Jazzpunk - Overview video

Good luck describing Jazzpunk to anyone, for any reason.

Seriously, as someone who is attempting to do that very thing right now, I can sympathize. A lazy person could certainly classify it as an oddball spy thriller, but even that central angle is happy to take a backseat to off-topic absurdity. Yes, I'll happily break into the Soviet consulate, but first I'm going to dish out some Brenda Fricker in Home Alone 2-style pigeon justice. Then I'll play a few rounds of Frogger, then get kicked out of a movie theater, and then, maybe, okay, some spy stuff.

Polygon's Chris Plante takes the co-pilot seat for this Overview to try and help me make sense of Jazzpunk's inscrutable cocktail of ideas. He fails spectacularly in that regard, but good times were still had by all.

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