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Rust dev deploys CheatPunch, bans more than 4K players

Rust, Facepunch Studios' open-world survival game, has a new anti-cheating measure called CheatPunch that led to 4,621 banned players over the weekend.

Creator Garry Newman explained on the game's official site today how Facepunch will handle cheaters.

"If you get kicked from the official servers with the message that you've been banned, then you have been caught," Newman wrote. "You're a naughty boy. You know what you have done. You won't get unbanned. We know it was your 9-year-old cousin. We know your computer got hijacked. We know that the CIA is getting you banned from all your games on Steam so you will join them in the hunt for aliens. We're aiming to get a site set up for people that have been banned so they can go and see proof that they've been caught."

Newman also acknowledged that CheatPunch is "a stop gap solution." He expects cheaters to work around it, and he's okay with that.

"We fully expect cheats to be touted as ‘CheatPunch proof' quite soon. That's cool. We're never going to be finished fighting."

The alpha version of the Linux, Mac and Windows PC game is available for $19.99 through Steam Early Access. You can see Rust's formerly zombie-filled world in action by watching a recent Overview video.

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