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PS4 to receive more than 100 games this year

PlayStation 4 owners can expect the launch of more than 100 games this year, Sony announced during a recent press event.

"Virtually all" of these titles will run natively in 1080p, said Sony Computer Entertainment vice president of marketing John Koller, including games such as Thief, Minecraft, Destiny and The Order.

Talking about the system's connectivity, Koller added that in the United States, more than 90 percent of PlayStation 4 consoles are connected to the internet.

"Immediately from launch, we're seeing a much greater social connection," Koller said.

In comparison, it took three years for the PlayStation 3 to breach 70 percent. On average, PlayStation 4 owners worldwide play about 34 million hours per week, with around 172 million hours played total. More than 1.7 million hours have been spent livestreaming, and users have shared content about 48 million times.

Mike McWhertor contributed to this report.