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Myst gets a fully modern update in this realtime 3D Masterpiece Edition

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, a fully updated version of the now 20 year-old classic point-and-click exploration game Myst, is available today in realtime 3D to allow users to freely explore, while introducing day and night cycles, changes in weather and the introduction of a flashlight for explorations at night.

"We located and marked every still image location and angle from the original Myst in 3D space in realMyst." said Jason Calvert, senior software engineer on the project. "The idea was to provide an uncompromising 3D experience with the simple point and click interface that made the original Myst accessible to anyone."

The original version of realMyst: Interactive 3D Edition released in 2000 for Windows PC and later Mac. The Masterpiece Edition of the game features fully enhanced graphics that run on the Unity Engine.

Additionally, while the Masterpiece Edition allows users to move seamlessly from area to area, a Classic Mode is also included for those wishing to return to the point-and-click style of the original game.

The new release launches today for $17.99 on Mac OS and Windows PC via Steam and the Mac App Store. Owners of the original version of realMyst will receive a 33 percent loyalty discount on Steam.

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