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Respawn devs look back at the long road of Titanfall in this new video

A new video from the developers at Respawn Entertainment offers insight into the original designs planned for Titanfall and the heated arguments that took place throughout development.

The video includes a look one of the first models for the game's Titan mechs, which in this early iteration was just a human-sized suit.

"This is the tricky part," says game director Steve Fukuda, referring to how experimenting with scale in the game could be too jarring for gamers. "We have to try to keep it not alienating to people who are used to playing first person shooters. How can we do that?"

Respawn artist Joel Emslie spoke to us about this early iteration of the "second skin," stating: ""We started off with a human-sized suit, and then the designers started going into ideas of going bigger, and asking ‘what if we could take cover around buildings and stuff.' I took (a) plastic model kit and threw a little guy in there and said 'let's try this.' And so we went there."

Players interested in taking part in the closed beta for Titanfall can now register to play the Xbox One and Windows PC versions of the futuristic first-person shooter. The beta begins on Feb. 14.

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