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Worms dev Team17 wins Great British Game Jam

Worms creator Team17 emerged triumphant from last week's Great British Game Jam, winning out over fellow developers Future Studios and Bossa Studios with its title [R]evolve, organizers announced today.

Participants had 48 hours to create games based around the theme, "resilience." Future Studios' submitted one game, Fearless Finn, while Bossa entered two titles, I HATE YOU and Space Radish. After seeing news of the jam on Twitter, indie developer Luke Whiston tweeted his own entry to the competition, Gobulus Rift.

"Game jams are a golden opportunity to streamline your approach to projects — what is achievable, what is disposable, are the objectives clear, e.t.c," he explained of why he entered. "Those days can provide valuable feedback about your methods in a friendly and supportive environment, as well as introducing you to new concepts or practices you may not have considered before."

"The standard of the games created was phenomenal," Ukie CEO Dr. Jo Twist said of the event. "It's so great to see such creativity and diversity being demonstrated by some of the UK's best developers, especially within such tight time constraints."

The Great British Game Jam took place on Feb. 6 and 7. More details on the jam's games will be posted on Bossa's website soon.

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