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Probably Archery - Overview video

Probably Archery is definitely tearing my family apart.

The game's core concept, which blends cumbersome, QWOP-esque controls with a variety of truly bonkers shooting galleries, seems innocuous enough. But Probably Archery turns into something horrible when someone is criticizing your performance in real time. Yes, I know all my arrows are impotently toppling out of my bow. Yes, I know I wasn't supposed to shoot that guy in the neck. Yes, thank you. Fantastic feedback, my man.

Today's Overview is of Probably Archery, which is a pretty great game that ruined my relationship with my brother. I'm glad this isn't a traditional review of my experience with Probably Archery, because how would I even go about quantifying that? "The physics are nearly flawless, which is good, but it tore a rift between me and my brother that will take years to repair. 8.5, I guess?"

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