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MouseCraft and its crazy cat scientist hits PS Vita this May, PS4 in summer

Crunching Koalas' indie puzzle game MouseCraft is heading to the PlayStation Vita in May with a PlayStation 4 version expected sometime in summer, Curve Studios' marketing manager Rob Clarke announced on the official PlayStation blog today.

Simultaneously launching on Windows PC, MouseCraft will feature more than 50 increasingly difficult levels in the campaign mode, leaderboards, collectables, a ranking system and a level editor. MouseCraft players are tasked with navigating mice through an obstacle-filled maze to get to some cheese by controlling the environment's components.

"You don't control the mice directly however, but instead control their environment through the use of many different types of classic ‘Tetromino' blocks that can be dropped onto the level," Clarke wrote. "Imagine the careful strategy and planning of a game like Lemmings with the blocks and fast-paced decision making of Tetris, and you've got an idea of how MouseCraft works."

MouseCraft was Greenlit last October and is currently available on Windows PC for $9.99 via Steam's Early Access. It will launch at the full price of $14.99. Those who purchase Early Access receive the game's soundtrack composed by Mikolai Stroinski (Dark Souls 2).

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