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Papers, Please nation Arstotzka playable with Civilization 5 mod

Through a Steam Workshop mod created by user Snakeeater337, the country of Arstotzka in Lucas Pope's "dystopian document thriller" Papers, Please is now a playable nation in Sid Meier's Civilization 5.

The Arstotzka mod features custom units, buildings, dialogue and an orchestral remix. Border Guard units are riflemen, which costs no maintenance and features a 50 percent Combat bonus in friendly territory. It is a weakened version of the rifleman with a combat value of 55 percent outside of friendly territory.

Border Checkpoint buildings are strengthened police stations that costs no maintenance, reduces enemy spy stealing by 33 percent and features three Immigration Inspector specialist slots. The Glory To Arstotzka custom trait adds bonuses to citizen production and adds a free worker per city, but reduces citizen food and happiness.

The also features in-game Cobrastan as a city-state and the mod's creator notes that the map image and balancing still require tweaks. Those interested in the mod can find out more on the Steam Community website.

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