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Nordic Games lists Darksiders, Red Faction compilations for March

Compilation bundles for original THQ IPs Darksiders and Red Faction seem to be on the way from current franchise owner Nordic Games, according to listings on the company's website and Amazon UK.

The Windows PC versions of both the Darksiders Complete and Red Faction Collection both list a release date of March 14, while the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions currently say they are "coming soon." Amazon UK lists all versions of Darksiders Complete for launch on March 14, but has no listing for Red Faction Collection.

Darksiders Complete includes both 2010's Darksiders and 2012's Darksiders 2. Amazon UK explicitly mentions a season pass, which likely includes the Abyssal Forge and Demon Lord Belial expansions as well as a handful of stat-boosting armor and weapon sets. It is unclear if this pass will include the Argul's Tomb DLC, which was not included in the original Darksiders 2 season pass.

The Red Faction Collection includes the original 2001 title, 2009's Red Faction: Guerrilla and 2011's Red Faction: Armageddon with its Path of War DLC. The PC version, called Red Faction Complete, also includes 2002 title Red Faction 2.

Amazon UK lists a £34.99 (approximately $58.18 USD) for the Darksiders Complete collections and Nordic's website does not giving pricing details.

Polygon has reached out to Nordic for more details on pricing and release dates, as well as to clarify the content included with the Darksiders Complete season pass. We will share more details as we receive them.

During the liquidation auctions early last year for now-defunct publisher THQ, Nordic Games purchased almost all of THQ's IP — including Darksiders, Red Faction and the MX vs. ATV series — for $4.9 million.