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How to beat Threes!

This year, we'll be piloting a number of new video programs at Polygon. Some may run for an episode or two, others may last — fingers-crossed — for years.

This is one of our latest projects, a service series explaining how to "beat" your favorite game. Beat is a loaded word; games aren't something to be pummeled. I was mixed on whether or not to use the term, but ultimately, I loved the history of "beat," the image it conjures of kids batting about an arcade cabinet in a smoky pizza shop.

To start the series, we're pulling back the curtain on Threes!, a cripplingly addictive puzzle game available on iOS. At the moment of publish, I stand atop the leaderboard amongst friends. But I sense my position will soon slip. These tips should help expedite that, but I think there are more strategies — high-level tactics — that will obliterate even the 27,000-point threshold.

If you uncover such a method, share it in the comments! We will reward you with a bouquet of GIFs!

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