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Mario Golf: World Tour coming May 2

Nintendo 3DS golf game Mario Golf: World Tour will ship May 2, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today in a Nintendo Direct event.

The golf title includes a single player feature called the Castle Club, a clubhouse hub where players can customize their Miii and develop their golfing skills. Players can customize their Miis using items sold via the in-game store, such as clubs, golf balls and clothing. As items and various combinations affect Miis abilities, users can tweak their characters to suit their playstyle.

The clubhouse also includes a training area where players can develop and polish their golfing skills, such as putting or driving. Players also have access to golf courses, tournaments, shops, locker rooms and a café

Mario Golf: World Tour features both real-time and asynchronous online multiplayer. With a focus on Mario Kart 7-like community play features, it will include score based tournaments and large scale competitions. Players will have the freedom to tweak options for the types of matches they join, such rule types and time of match. Iwata said last year that the community features will allow players to "connect and play with like-minded players or create and recruit players to communities based on particular themes."

Originally revealed in February and pegged with a summer 2013 release window, it was announced during an E3 analyst briefing last June that the title's release was pushed back to 2014.