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Respawn doles out Titanfall tips and tricks in new video

In advance of the launch of Titanfall's public closed beta, developer Respawn Entertainment put together a video featuring a few tips and tricks for playing the game and maximizing your wall-running, wall-hanging and titan rodeoing.

In the video, lead artist Joel Emslie, community manager Abbie Heppe, producer Drew McCoy and game director Steve Fukuda explain how players should approach Titanfall and its many varied tactics for taking out other players both on-foot and in titans. The advice runs from the basics — stay off the ground to avoid being crushed by giant mech feet — to more advanced tactics, like using wall-hanging to get the drop on foes.

Respawn is currently accepting registrations for the Titanfall beta, which will be playable on Xbox One and Windows PC from Feb. 14-19.

For more on the game, read our impressions of Titanfall's beta, which includes three modes (Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing) and two maps.

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