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Styx: Master of Shadows trailer reveals a stealthy goblin

In Styx: Master of Shadows, there are elves, humans and orcs. Lurking behind them is Styx, assassin, goblin and part-time thief, who emerges from the shadows in the first trailer for developer Cyanide Studio's upcoming stealth game.

Styx: Master of Shadows, which is scheduled for a PC release this year, will blend role-playing game elements with stealth, giving players the opportunity to gain experience, moves, skills and weapons. Press play above to see the two-century old anti-hero infiltrate the Tower of Akenash, a tower that stands miles high where he could amass a fortune and, according to publisher Focus Home Interactive, "discover more about his true origins along the way."

For a closer look at Styx: Master of Shadows' medieval world and its inhabitants, be sure to check out a gallery of screenshots from the game's reveal last month.

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