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Battlefield 4 Windows PC update rolls out today

EA DICE is rolling out a Battlefield 4 update for Windows PC today, according to a post on the Battlelog forums, improving general stability, Mantle performance, as well as addressing numerous issues.

The patch will introduce bug fixes for a number of problems such as where gunner seat changes in an IFV/MBT could cause the game to crash, a bomb carrier would be permanently spotted in Defuse mode, missing grass physics and an incorrectly placed invisible wall on Zavod 311.

Missing sounds in Team/Squad Deathmatch and bullet impact sounds that weren't matching the number of impacts have been rectified. Issues for kill cards, "Draw" messages and dog tags have also been addressed. The update also fixes numerous issues for Mantle, including where activating full screen in portrait mode would cause a crash, stuttering appearing during video sequences, a stall-causing memory system leak and more.

Last December, the game's ongoing problems caused EA to halt development of future DLC and third-party driver support so developer EA DICE can focus on addressing the issues once and for all. Battlefield 4's Second Assault DLC will be released Feb. 18 for Battlefield Premium subscribers and non-Premium subscribers on March 3.

DICE also plans to release the patch for other versions of Battlefield 4 soon, including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The full list of Battlefield 4 Windows PC patch notes are detailed on the Battlelog forums.

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