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Titanfall beta - Overview video

The fact that Titanfall has a mountain of hype behind it isn't surprising — the game, it seems, was engineered to manufacture the stuff.

You don't have to spend much time with the recently-deployed beta to figure that out, either. Respawn has built a game around rad loops — around the stories that emerge from nearly every match. It's difficult to contain your excitement the first time you parkour to the top of an enemy mech, and blast its vulnerable robot-brain, Shadow of the Colossus-style. When your Titan rips a pilot out of another Titan's chest, then throws them limply against the side of a building, that is an event you want to share with friends.

In today's Overview of the Titanfall beta, Ben and I attempt to keep that kind of feverishness on lock, and talk about what the game's early access players can expect. Then again, it's doubtful any of those people are reading this, or watching the above video. They're probably preoccupied.