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Final Fantasy 13's Lightning could appear in future titles

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 marks the end of the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, but heroine Lightning could make cameos in other Final Fantasy titles, director Motomu Toriyama recently told Siliconera.

"For Lightning, her story ends here in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, as this game is meant as a finale to this series," Toriyama said. "But we know that Lightning is an extremely popular character, even when compared to other Final Fantasy characters.

"So there is a possibility that Lightning would appear in other future Final Fantasy titles, not as a protagonist, but as a guest character."

In Lightning Returns, the titular heroine has only 13 days to save the people of her dying world. Speaking briefly about the game's mixed reviews, Toriyama said the time limit could have been seen as "a form of restriction on the player's freedom."

"If you approach the game's time limit in a positive manner, I think players will further understand the nuances and appreciate why we chose to implement this system. Even in Japan, what we've noticed is that opinions on the game become more positive after some time since Lightning Returns' initial release [after players get used to the nuances]," Toriyama said.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 launched Feb. 11 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For more on the game, read our review.

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