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Listen to this Final Fantasy 7 track recreated with floppy drives

YouTube user MrSolidSnake745's take on Final Fantasy 7 battle track "Those Who Fight Further" uses 16 floppy drives to recreate each note with startling accuracy.

According to the video's description, MrSolidSnake745 was asked by the Nexon Computer Museum to build a musical exhibit. A FAQ provides further information on how the setup works.

"The concept behind this is basically getting the stepper motor to operate a certain frequency (getting the motor to step a certain amount of times in a second) which generates a pitch," the FAQ reads. "Then we arrange those pitches together and we get a song.

 You need two signals (When it comes to floppy drives) to do this: a direction signal and a step signal. Direction controls which direction the motor will step and the step signal controls at what frequency and how long the motor operates."

Check out the video above to listen to the song. For more of MrSolidSnake745's floppy drive covers, including tracks from Aladdin, Daft Punk, Doctor Who, Inception, Tetris and many more, check out Bandcamp.

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