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Ultimate General: Gettysburg launching on Early Access, getting multiplayer

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The new game from Total War's DarthMod creator Game-Labs LLC, a real-time strategy title based on the Battle of Gettysburg, is getting a multiplayer mode, developers announced on the game's Steam page.

Real-time strategy game Ultimate General: Gettysburg was announced last July. Creative director Maxim Zasov confirmed with Polygon that title is on "the finish line of the process" and is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight.

According to the post, Ultimate General will launch first through Steam Early Access. This version will not include multiplayer, but developers "know it is an absolutely necessary feature in a strategy game" and plan to add it soon after launch. The title will also use a "Line of Sight" mechanic similar to other RTSs "Fog of War" features, where a thin cloud cover represents players' area of visibility. In Ultimate General, troops will only be able to interact with what they are directly looking at, and will have to climb terrain or turn in order to see what is beyond or behind them.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg will focus on the historical three-day battle and will allow players to command troops on both the Union and Confederate sides. Check out the trailer above for a look at the game in action.