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Here's how Titanfall's Burn Cards work

The team at Xbox shared a tutorial video to help out players currently playing the Titanfall beta, this time breaking down how the game's Burn Card boosts work.

In Titanfall, players collect Burn Cards, unlocking them as they complete in-game achievements and matches. These even out the game's playing field, giving players of all experience levels the ability to rack up the kills. Using Burn Cards, players can access limited-use abilities, such as experience point multipliers, higher weapon damage or a shorter building time for titans. Some rare cards will also instantly unlock unique — and still unavailable — titans.

In the video above, the Xbox Upload team runs down a handful of these one-use cards, including the "Amped Kraber" card that replaces the primary weapon with a souped-up super rifle, the "Amped Archer" card that replaces main weapons with a titan-crippling missile launcher and cards that let pilots run faster.

Burn Cards can be used at the start of the game or after respawning, and will only be useable for one life. These cards unlock when players reach level seven and must be equipped at the start of the game. Players can use one card at a time at level seven, two at level nine and three at level 11.

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