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Ryse: Son of Rome’s Mars’ Chosen DLC brings a new mode and maps Feb. 28

Ryse: Son of Rome's Mars' Chosen Pack of downloadable content will bring a new skin, maps and a new game mode to the gladiatorial combat game Feb. 28.

According to a post on Xbox Wire, the $8.99 DLC, which will be free to those with the game's Season Pass, contains the new Legionary character skin and five new maps: Dockyard and Firestorm, which were created for the game's new Survival Mode, as well as Obelisk and Pyramid, which are set against an Egyptian background.

Mars' Chosen Pack will also include the new, wave-based co-op Survival Mode, where the only way to regain health is though kills and executions. The longer players survive, the faster their health will decline, and the more experience and gold they'll earn. The mode encourages teamwork and strategy, so players will have to work together to ensure enough barbarian enemies remain to sustain them, Senior Producer Justin Robey said.

"The best part yet is how we approached building the maps for Survivor mode," Robey said. "Each map makes it a distinctly different experience. Firestorm is all about tight corridors and creating choke points to keep you from getting swarmed, while Dockyard has wide open spaces with indestructible catapults raining projectiles down on you. What is even more exciting are some of the additional Survivor mode maps that will be coming in future add-ons, which take this new gameplay mode even further."

Since the game's release last November, players have earned 24 million achievements, finished more than seven million levels and sparred in 150,000 rounds of Gladiator mode, where they've earned 2 billion gold, according to the Xbox Wire post.

You can check out stills from the new maps in the gallery below. For more on Ryse: Son of Rome, you can check out our developer interview as well as Polygon's review.

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