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Deep Down won't feature playable female characters for the sake of the story

Capcom's free-to-play PlayStation 4 title Deep Down won't include the option of playing a female character, according to producer Kazunori Sugiura during a livestream play of the game, DualShockers reports.

During the stream, Sugiura revealed only male character models will be playable due to the game's narrative. The randomly generated world of Deep Down will be divided into chapters, he added.

Additionally, the game will support remote play through PlayStation Vita. Other information gleaned from the livestream includes the removal of the game's casual setting first made available in a demo during Tokyo Game Show. The difficulty of the game will be fixed at launch; however, Capcom is open to changing the difficulty level server-side if necessary. The game will also only feature four weapon types at launch but more will be added through updates.

Set in New York during the year 2094, players take on the role of medieval-looking "ravens," who have the ability to collect the memories of dead or living people, by touching them, their prized objects or the ruins. Deep Down features online co-op with up to four players and procedurally generated dungeons randomly populated by monsters. The game's system generates items and the environment at random, including treasure chests, traps, ladders and height differences.

Deep Down made its publicly playable debut at TGS earlier in the year, drawing long lines as one of the few next-generation titles available at the show from Japanese developers. Earlier this month, however, Capcom revealed the game's Japanese release would be delayed until after summer.

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