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Gunslugs hits PS Vita Feb. 18, dev teases more ports

Gunslugs will arrive on PlayStation Vita Feb. 18, Tj'ien Twijnstra, creative director at Abstraction Games, revealed today in a PlayStation Blog post.

Twijnstra wrote in a comment that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to purchase the retro-styled shooter for $1.99, a 20 percent discount off its normal $2.49 price.

First revealed last August, Abstraction Games' port of Orange Pixel's game was originally scheduled for an October 2013 release. According to Abstraction CEO Ralph Egas, the developer's work on Gunslugs should enable quicker ports of future PS Vita titles.

"Well, this is one of the first adaptations where we created a special tool chain that allowed us to convert one coding language to another, allowing the basics of one language to easily be translated to another," Egas said. "When we did Hotline Miami we gained experience using some of these tools, so we further developed this tool chain for Gunslugs, which worked really well.

"In fact, now that we did Gunslugs, other Orange Pixel games will benefit and become easier to adapt to PS Vita."

Gunslugs is also available for Android, Blackberry, GameStick, iOS and Ouya. Orange Pixel's other games include Chrono & Cash, Heroes of Loot and Meganoid 2. Abstraction Games has handled ports that include the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable versions of Angry Birds as well as the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Hotline Miami.

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