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Fake documentary from Myst creator tracks the modern day life of world's loneliest vampire

After making his exit from the games industry following the 1997 release of graphic adventure game Riven, veteran game designer Robyn Miller is now making his acting and directorial debut in a feature film that documents the fictional life of a modern day vampire.

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone is a fake documentary following a man who believes himself to be an 150 year old vampire in search of a lost descendant to bring meaning to his allegedly immortal existence.

According to Miller, production for the project began as part of a short film for a 24-hour film festival. Speaking to Boing Boing, Miller says: "We were filming one weekend to do this, we were editing things together and about to go film some more. And my friend was like 'well, how much more time do we have?' And he opened his computer to look and then he realized 'Oh! It was last week!'"

With no limitations on production time, Miller and a small team began work on a feature-length film made up of interviews with those playing acquaintances of the apparent vampire. Miller, whose previous work includes the co-creation of the gaming classic Myst, shaved his head and eyebrows daily to play the titular character — the result of which you can see in the trailer above.

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone is available for purchase from the film's official website for $5.59, and will be shown in select theaters across North America.

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